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Get Long-Term Disability Help!

Long Term Disability insurance is a policy that can protect workers in case of an injury or illness. If you qualify, long-term disability insurance can help to make up for missing paychecks until you are able to work again.

How to qualify

Qualifying for long-term disability can be difficult. Your ability to qualify can differ from policy to policy, however the most important part of your claim will be the evidence that you are able to provide.

Be sure to have all of the medical documentation, testing, and diagnosis that you have received.

Denials Process

After the initial claim, there are a few possibilities. The first is that your claim is denied. Although it can be disappointing, this is common in long-term disability claims.

With a denial, you will be given a reason for that denial. One of the most common reasons is that you did not have the requisite evidence for your claim to prove that you meet the definition of disabled that is in your policy.

If you have been denied, the first thing that you should do is speak to a legal professional.

How An Attorney Can Help

Every Long-Term disability policy has slight variations. An attorney can help you read the fine print and prepare your claim. In addition, you might need to go through the appeals process which requires litigation.

If you need to appeal a decision, you only have 180 days to do so. Make sure that you have an attorney on your side to get it done quickly and efficiently.